Measure the health of your HR function



Not sure where to start? Most of the HR leaders we talk to know where their strengths lie and where they need to focus attention. It is often useful though to have someone confirm your suspicions and offer structure to your path ahead. We have developed tools that will provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your HR function, allowing us to focus our efforts on the areas that will make the biggest impacts to your ability to deliver outstanding HR services.

We will help you to diagnose issues as well as implement the necessary changes to address your risks and issues, including areas of compliance, policy, organisation, technology, data management and process.

Improve your people processes



Modernising and simplifying HR processes to increase employee productivity and HR's value to the organisation - that's the goal of our HR & Payroll Process Improvement practice and how we really get to the heart of how you can work better both within the HR function and within the wider business.

We are committed to elimiation of non-value adding activity and can expertly guide your teams through identifying what needs to change and why.

Our services in this area are extensive but include high level process diagnostics, current state or 'As Is' process mapping, quick wins, best practice processes across all HR functions and creation of future state or 'To Be' processes.

We can furnish you will templates, methodologies, services and tools to ensure that your processes, once agreed, stay efficient and fit for purpose.

Develop your HR organisation structure



HR Organisation Structures have been the topic of much debate across the decades with David Ulrich's model loved and loathed in equal measures across the globe. No matter your view, we can help you to define the organisation design that will best support your processes and the business to drive value to your people and ultimately your customers.

Our Organisation Design consultants will work closely with you to review a variety of approaches and will analyse how the values, behaviours and processes within your organisation may affect the end result. They will also have a keen eye on how these structures and designs may need to flex and evolve over time - with the operational, business and market challenges that may arise moving forward. This will help to ensure that HR is nimble and innovative in how it delivers services to people.

Implement HR technology as a performance enabler



Are you thinking of implementing new HR technology? We have been there in many different guises and we're often asked by our customers for advice on understanding the HR software market and the many vendors that reside there. Our customers more recently have been asking us to help them to become the 'intelligent' customer - being informed about what is truly available, the costs, benefits, restrictions, implementation considerations, impacts on current ways of working and operating model - these are the things that can really make a success of a technology project.

We are experts in Cloud technology and with professional networks that span tier 1 and tier 2 HR vendors, we can cut through the marketing spin and competitive turmoil to give you truly impartial guidance on your new HR business systems.

More than anything, we understand that your new HR technology is a business system, not an HR project - engagement and input from a microcosm of your orgaisation is critical to the success of your project.

We are also investigating the use of HR Bots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline your processes and improve employee engagement and usability.

Become a change catalyst



Change is a people business. HR is a people business. At HRCubed we believe that driving productivity, empowering innovation, increasing employee engagement and enabling sustainable change is all about people. That's why we love working with forward thinking HR leaders who are passionate about their people and the strategic HR services they provide to their organisations.

We believe that sustainable change can be reached through achieving a clever balance between People, Technology and Process, supported and underpinned by proven tools and methodologies that can deliver real results within your organisation.

We work with HR departments to start this process of sustainable change within their own function, improving your operational processes, your operating model and your HR systems to liberate your People Strategy. By doing this, we hope to empower HR departments to become change catalysts within their own organisations.

At HRCubed, our HR Change practice is founded on best practice tools to diagnose, analyse, prioritise and implement the changes that will make a tangible difference to the services you are able to deliver to your organisations. We will provide you with the tools to build a living, growing, sustainable and service-driven HR entity to ensure that your business has world-class People Management support to drive it to success!