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What it's like Joining Symatrix as a Fresh Graduate

What it's like Joining Symatrix as a Fresh Graduate

Study hard. Graduate. Celebrate. Go on holiday… Come back broke…

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, living in the hallowed land of “I know exactly what I want to be”, you’re like I was; not quite sure of what you want to do, or how you’re going to get there. I won’t lie to you, as a philosophy graduate, HR & Payroll wasn’t something I’d ever considered, and coming into it, I didn’t know quite what to expect.

As a Business Development Executive, my role is to generate business for my company, Symatrix, and help nurture that business as the first point of contact. The doorman to my company’s business, shall we say! I can do that, right? HR & payroll? HCM? Easy, huh … wrong!

Learning curve doesn’t cut it. The world of HCM is broader than I ever could have imagined. The greatest challenge I’ve faced is engaging with the flurry of different systems, processes and methodologies that surround the market. Knowing your Oracles from your SAPs in enough detail to have a meaningful conversation with the head of systems of a tier one company is no meagre feat. It sounds silly now, but I thought I was buying into the “HCM product”, not the INDUSTRY OF HCM.

The scope became apparent through properly engaging with people who base their careers around this. I had always imagined the HR department of a company being this smiley, charismatic hub of people there to make sure everybody’s happy. As it turns out, I was completely right! For all the wrong reasons…

A lot of what the HR force seem to deal with is connecting the dots between departments, trying to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and that their colleagues can do their jobs as best they can. What this takes is a lot of process patience to get everything aligned in the right way.

I imagine if I swapped placed with an HR professional, I would see much of the same within any organisation I worked in – swamped by the flurry of disparate systems, processes and methodologies throughout different departments. Trying to do your job while traversing two or three different systems, with all their own different procedures can only eat up resource.

That said, with an industry so vast, there’s always going to be solutions out there. What I like about working at Symatrix is that, at the very least of, we put our efforts towards alleviating some of these unnecessary stressors. There’s a whole industry out there I never knew existed, and now I’m a part of making it better.

The gift of a steep learning curve is that it keeps you engaged, and it keeps you absorbing. When there’s no room to slow down, development is encouraged, and this can only take you onto great things.

As for me now: Work hard. Promotion. Celebrate. Go on holiday. Come back broke… the wheels keep turning – just sit back and enjoy it!

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