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Coronavirus Update


The global situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is dynamic.  The health and safety of our employees and their families is paramount, whilst ensuring we continue to deliver great service to our customers.    As a result and in regular review with guidance we are receiving from Public Health England , Symatrix continues to take a “common sense” approach and the advice and guidance we are giving to our employees continues to be:

  • Any international business travel to impacted areas listed in the “Returning Travellers” section of the Government website linked below should be cancelled.
  • Anyone planning to or who has travelled to any of the impacted areas listed in the “Returning Travellers” section of the government website in the last 14 days, will not be permitted on Symatrix premises for 14 days following their return. Symatrix is allowing home working for these days..
  • Consultants working on client sites fall under our client health and safety policies; our delivery team is engaging with our clients to ensure both parties are complying with both policy and advice
  • All public events are under review; attendance will continue where appropriate, but any “un-necessary” attendance will  be postponed
  • UK business travel is still permitted, although where appropriate, meeting can be transferred from face to face to video conferencing.
  • Employees feeling unwell, regardless of symptoms, will either invoke the sickness policy or work from home until symptoms have passed
  • Symatrix BCP is for all employees to work from home; this is a regularly tested approach which can successfully deliver all services; Symatrix are not invoking BCP at present

Following our common sense approach we are regularly completing activities to ensure that we remain aligned:

  • Clients - liaising with clients to check their approach in relation to the virus
  • Communication - ongoing internal communications as the situation changes
  • Hygiene – increased level of cleaning at our Manchester offices, and provision of additional hygiene products to our employees
  • Policy - Continued review of all business travel and Symatrix BCP
  • People – any staff feeling unwell are being advised to work from home whilst assessing their condition


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