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Matthew Blair, Change Lead

I’m Matthew Blair and I’ve joined Symatrix as Change Lead. I’ve been working in the world of change for over 20 years, both on technology implementation projects, and on organisational and cultural change initiatives. I’ve worked in many industries including the public sector, retail, logistics, legal and financial services, the charity sector.

In recent years I’ve specialised as a Change Manager. I’m passionate about how Change Management can transform a project from just being “delivered” to being a success that has longevity, buy in and enthusiasm from stakeholders, and with embedded behaviours which keep the change in place rather than slipping back to old ways of working. We’ve all been on the receiving end of projects where we weren’t given sufficient notice of the upcoming change, didn’t understand why it was happening, weren’t helped to adapt, or where technology was put in place without considering the need to change process or behaviour. But that doesn’t have to be how the world works - viva la revolución!

When I’m not changing the world and hang up my cape, I’m very involved with my local beekeeping club. I also sing in an acapella group with regular performances throughout the year. I live in Huddersfield with my husband and our retired racing greyhound.

I’ve had such a warm welcome from Symatrix. It’s wonderful to be part of such an enthusiastic and talented team with a bright future ahead of us.

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