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Bhavika Harfield, Oracle Payroll Consultant

I have joined Symatrix as an Oracle Payroll Consultant.  I have been working on Oracle Application implementations for over 25 years, beginning my career as an Oracle Technical Consultant.  In that role, I covered a wide range of Oracle modules across EBS and Cloud portfolios ranging from HCM, ERP and Procurement, but HCM has always felt like home. As the years passed my role became more and more hybrid and now I am finally fully committed to the dark side (aka became a functional HCM consultant). 

On a personal level, I live in Harrow with hubby and my 2 boys.  My hobbies include learning new things, mental games and puzzles, and travelling and seeing new places.  I also love food and therefore enjoy cooking.  

I have known of Symatrix for a long time and regularly heard positive things from former colleagues who had either left to join them or had been working for them in the past.  I didn’t just want to know how Oracle Cloud HCM worked but about all business processes around HR and Payroll and best practices.  Symatrix places great importance on providing a solution that best fits it's clients, so where best then to learn from the experts?

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