Symatrix has achieved yet another first in the HCM Cloud arena, last week we paid over 5,000 employees using Oracle HCM Cloud payroll for a new bank. Not only has this launched a new Cloud payroll service, but it has delivered greater efficiency and lower error rates to the customer. This has been the product of tireless work from a dedicated team, and we are now able to deliver a first class payroll service.

Symatrix has developed the skills and knowledge to implement and provide fully managed payroll services on the Oracle Cloud Payroll using tried and tested best practice and operational excellence. Our services have been audited to the highest standards as expected by a financial services institution in a highly regulated environment which supports the significant investment made in ISO27001.

During the journey to go live we have forged a great relationship with the customer where confidence in Symatrix and Oracle is very high.

The knowledge that we have gained from the project and the fact that our team is using HCM Cloud payroll will be invaluable when working with customers making the journey to Cloud payroll. This experience builds on an already established payroll outsourcing service that Symatrix has been delivering for many years and moves it to its next evolution, Cloud.