Cloud Implementation

At Symatrix, our aim is to combine our technical expertise and customer experience with the innovative technology of Oracle’s HCM Cloud to provide you with a complete service that enables you to execute a modern HR strategy and realise the full power of your people.

We’re with you from the start, helping you to build a solid business case for investment and a roadmap to implementation before moving on to embed knowledge and optimise user adoption and engagement.

Our expert team will help you recruit and retain great people and help those people improve collaboration, gain insights and reach goals through personalised, easy-to-use mobile tools that drive productivity.

And our SIMPLY Testing & Release Management service saves you time and money, ensuring you’ve always got access to the latest functionality and freeing up your team to focus on what really matters - delivering your HR strategy and adding real value to the business.

Behind it all is our SIMPLY philosophy – simplifying and standardising processes wherever possible to reduce your workload, costs and risks while optimising your return on investment, performance and efficiency.

SIMPLY Philosophy

The SIMPLY Difference

Our ‘SIMPLY’ philosophy underpins everything we do.

Since 1999, having delivered over 500 projects, we’ve proven that around 80% of the core requirements of an Oracle HCM solution are common to most organisations with only the remaining 20% requiring bespoke configuration.

So why would businesses invest significant time and money creating fully-customised solutions when adopting a standard and consistent approach delivers clear and tangible benefits?

And the same approach holds true when it comes to the processes required to support the HCM solution that are based on best practices and ensure high productivity.

That’s why at every stage we look to leverage the standard and comprehensive capabilities already within Oracle HCM, apply proven best practice and then configure these standard yet powerful capabilities to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

That’s the ‘SIMPLY’ Difference and here’s just a few of the key benefits for clients.

The 'SIMPLY' Difference:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Reduced cost and time to deploy
  • Reduced cost of system ownership
  • Improved processes through the business
  • Greater efficiency and empowerment of internal HR teams
  • Reduced costs across the business
  • Greater scope for the development of people and competitive edge

‘SIMPLY’ - in the form of sophisticated solutions that minimise complexity and optimise efficiency - comes naturally to Symatrix. And it’s an approach that resonates with IT, HR and Financial Directors who see simplification of processes as one of their key objectives.


The Proven HCM Cloud Solution that’s Simply Better

If you want to enjoy all the core benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud but need to minimise risk, cost and implementation timescales, we have the answer – SIMPLY HCM Cloud.

In line with our SIMPLY philosophy, this solution is pre-defined to immediately meet 80% of your HCM needs with the remaining 20% configurable to meet the specific HCM requirements of your business.

To date, we’ve implemented over 500 Oracle HCM projects – some in as little as four months - using pre-defined best practice processes and the experience and expertise of our in-house team.

Such a rapid deployment capability drives positive ROI for your business as does the improved user adoption evident when employees have access to an evolving, interactive and mobile solution.

Whatever your HR strategy requires we can deliver – from first stage road mapping support to a rapid solution deployment.


Symatrix BPO Managed Payroll Service  - the Fully Managed Payroll Solution that delivers!

Payroll should just work, right? It’s all based on pre-defined policies and legislation, providing information to rules and calculations that drive a payment to employees and third parties. Then why is it often so difficult to get right?

Companies still continue to get it wrong as they are not embracing technology correctly to empower, automate and remove unnecessary activities by aligning technology and process to meet required business outcomes. Key to this is HR & Payroll operating on a single application.

Symatrix provides a BPO Managed Payroll Service for many clients and is now responsible for the payment of over 250,000 BACS transactions. We apply a new slant on the best practice approach which, operationally, embeds the Symatrix BPO team into your organisation to ensure that the business benefits on which you have built the justification to outsource are realised. Having built up our experience over many years we have a team of payroll experts with the operational knowledge and experience which allows us to offer, as standard, unparalleled service level agreements of 99.75% and as an extended service at 100%.

Outsourcing your entire payroll function can be a cost-effective option for a wide range of businesses as it removes unnecessary workload and complexity from your business and adds an enhanced level of service and security - but only when delivered by an expert supplier.

We deliver Payroll Services across many industry sectors which include Central Government, Financial Services, Professional Services and Global Organisations ensuring the governance and controls are in place to meet the requirements of the most regulated and governed sectors.

At Symatrix we have the expertise, experience and ISO27001 accreditation that guarantees you a service well beyond the ordinary.

Our BPO Managed Payroll service is a proven, highly efficient, scalable and cost effective payroll solution running on either Oracle or Salesforce Cloud HCM applications.

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SIMPLY Support

The Support Solution that’s highly efficient and Simply Logical

SIMPLY Support provides a superior, personalised level of functional and technical system support for your HCM Cloud solutions.

As the UK’s only Platinum Partner dedicated solely to Oracle HCM, we have the capability and infrastructure to deliver unrivalled levels of low risk, cost-effective support to our customers making it simpler for them to support both standard and configured solutions.

Our functional support service optimises system performance and user adoption by providing system expertise and issue resolution, user support and knowledge transfer – and not forgetting the smaller value adding services like answering your ‘How Do I?’ questions. We also liaise directly with Oracle on your behalf to resolve key issues, often ensuring much quicker resolution and response times for our customers. Based on contractual and powerful SLA's, our support service delivers exceptional levels of service and support to our many customers, ensuring that their solutions are efficient, stable and constantly driving productivity.

The SIMPLY Difference:

  • Fixed quarterly fees
  • No specialist IT skills to hire
  • Response-based Service Level Agreements
  • Act as knowledge-rich intermediary to rapidly resolve tickets that may otherwise be waiting in the Oracle queue.

SIMPLY Testing & Release Management

Offering quality assurance so your business can benefit from Cloud sooner

As a user of Oracle HCM Cloud, your organisation has invested in a new generation of technology with an exciting roadmap for continual improvement and evolution. You are now in a different world where your HR software is pushing you forward rather than holding you back. With this exciting new approach, it’s also critical to ensure that you can keep up with the pace.

Through many customer experiences we have learned that being complacent about the new world of Cloud can create deployment, usability and process issues for your whole user community. Control, analysis and robust deployment of each release is paramount.

For these reasons, a few years ago Symatrix further enhanced its service offering by introducing our Testing & Release Management service.

Oracle broadly includes four key types of change in each release:

  • An enhancement that is delivered already switched on
  • An enhancement that needs to be configured
  • A new function or module that may or may not need to be configured
  • A bug or issue fix

It’s great news that some enhancements require no additional effort to deploy but you still need to be aware of the change and analyse how it will affect your users. How will you analyse impacts to existing configurations? How will you communicate key changes that may impact processes and usability?

Some enhancements need a bit of extra work to enable, so you may need to ask a few questions about whether you would like to activate the change or not. Similarity some new features and modules in the Cloud are simply tools that you can start to use automatically without any investment in time or effort.

Regardless of the type of change, if the user sees it, then you should analyse impacts and decide whether communication or process updates are required.

The value in testing and release management is discovering the unknown before it impacts your people and processes. Enabling you to be confident that with each improvement and advance Oracle makes, your business will quickly reap the benefits.

Symatrix’ Testing and Release Management service offers:

  • Impact assessments on monthly patches and major bi-annual releases.
  • Production of your Cloud Testing Strategy and supporting outputs (e.g. Test Plans, Test Scripts and Scenarios).
  • Test Execution and collation of outputs.
  • Assistance with maintaining quality during the HCM Cloud upgrade process enabling you to continue with business as usual.
  • Full functional support during the release and monthly patching windows.

Our UK based testing team have a wealth of testing and release management expertise, gathered over years of working on large HCM Projects in the Cloud. We currently manage releases for a number of organisations with over 5,000 employees and are proud that we have 100% customer reference ability.