Oracle HCM Cloud

The Proven HCM Cloud Solution that’s Simply Better.

If you want to enjoy all the core benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud but need to minimise risk, cost and implementation timescales, we have the answer – SIMPLY HCM Cloud.

In line with our SIMPLY philosophy, this solution is pre-defined to immediately meet 80% of your HCM needs with the remaining 20% configurable to meet the specific HCM requirements of your business.

To date, we’ve implemented over 500 Oracle HCM projects – some in as little as four months - using pre-defined best practice processes and the experience and expertise of our in-house team.

Such a rapid deployment capability drives positive ROI for your business as does the improved user adoption evident when employees have access to an evolving, interactive and mobile solution.

Whatever your HR strategy requires we can deliver – from first stage road mapping support to a rapid solution deployment.

XCD HR & Payroll based on

Take control of your HR processes with XCD based on, the single HR and Payroll software which helps put you back in control and achieve more.

Designed for organisations with between 250 and 1500 employees who are experiencing business growth or transformation, XCD keeps all of your data and processes in one application, freeing up your time to add even more value and make HR work for the business.

As the only single HR and Payroll solution on the Salesforce platform, XCD removes the risk of integrations and instead provides an easily configured, online self-service single solution for forward-thinking organisations.

As it is all part of one database processing payroll becomes simpler; faster and more transparent, and you will be able to regain full control of your Payroll processes.

HMRC compliant, XCD can handle multiple payrolls, flexible payroll periods, RTI submissions, all statutory calculations, student loans, court orders and more.

To find out more about our fully managed payroll service click here

Implementation Services

At Symatrix, our aim is to combine our technical expertise and customer experience with the innovative technology of Oracle’s HCM Cloud to provide you with a complete service that enables you to execute a modern HR strategy and realise the full power of your people.

We’re with you from the start, helping you to build a solid business case for investment and a roadmap to implementation before moving on to embed knowledge and optimise user adoption and engagement.

Our expert team will help you recruit and retain great people and help those people improve collaboration, gain insights and reach goals through personalised, easy-to-use mobile tools that drive productivity.

And our SIMPLY Testing & Release Management service saves you time and money, ensuring you’ve always got access to the latest functionality and freeing up your team to focus on what really matters - delivering your HR strategy and adding real value to the business.

Behind it all is our SIMPLY philosophy – simplifying and standardising processes wherever possible to reduce your workload, costs and risks while optimising your return on investment, performance and efficiency.

BPO Fully Managed Payroll Service

Symatrix BPO Managed Payroll Service  - the Fully Managed Payroll Solution that delivers!

Payroll should just work, right? It’s all based on pre-defined policies and legislation, providing information to rules and calculations that drive a payment to employees and third parties. Then why is it often so difficult to get right?

Companies still continue to get it wrong as they are not embracing technology correctly to empower, automate and remove unnecessary activities by aligning technology and process to meet required business outcomes. Key to this is HR & Payroll operating on a single application.

Symatrix provides a BPO Managed Payroll Service for many clients and is now responsible for the payment of over 250,000 BACS transactions. We apply a new slant on the best practice approach which, operationally, embeds the Symatrix BPO team into your organisation to ensure that the business benefits on which you have built the justification to outsource are realised. Having built up our experience over many years we have a team of payroll experts with the operational knowledge and experience which allows us to offer, as standard, unparalleled service level agreements of 99.75% and as an extended service at 100%.

Outsourcing your entire payroll function can be a cost-effective option for a wide range of businesses as it removes unnecessary workload and complexity from your business and adds an enhanced level of service and security - but only when delivered by an expert supplier.

We deliver Payroll Services across many industry sectors which include Central Government, Financial Services, Professional Services and Global Organisations ensuring the governance and controls are in place to meet the requirements of the most regulated and governed sectors.

At Symatrix we have the expertise, experience and ISO27001 accreditation that guarantees you a service well beyond the ordinary.

Our BPO Managed Payroll service is a proven, highly efficient, scalable and cost effective payroll solution running on either Oracle or Salesforce Cloud HCM applications.

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Symatrix Managed Services

Symatrix provides an all-encompassing managed service solution to HCM and ERP Cloud and EBS users. This service amalgamates a number of separate offerings; application support - technical and functional, environment and release management, delivery of change though change requests, testing, training and portfolio/project management to manage the entire service.

Symatrix Managed Services enables organisation to achieve the true value they aspire to by encompassing every aspect of HCM and ERP in the Cloud and EBS management including continual improvement by benefiting from the regularly updated new functionality all under a single fixed price contract. The fact that it is fixed price means that customers have certainty of cost at the same time as mitigating risk and maximising HCM and ERP Cloud and EBS user adoption.

For Cloud users the support model is very different to the traditional approach of supporting enterprise applications and we recognise for some customers, this is a relatively new model and challenging.

Symatrix service-operating model of varying levels delivers significant value to clients by encompassing a number of critical elements and activities as part of an overall service, packaged to minimise the operational impact on our clients. This ensures they are in an optimal position to focus on maximising the value in the continued innovation that Cloud solutions deliver.

HR Consulting Services

Empowering employees and managers to be the best they can be without unnecessary process or bureaucracy, that is HR's challenge. We believe in the combined power of Organisation, Process and Technology – really understanding them and encouraging complete harmony in these three areas will help HR deliver success to their organisations that will positively affect business outcomes. With the right behaviours and leadership at their core and all underpinned by strong change management philosophies, these are our keys to successful change. Click to read more.