What it’s like Joining Symatrix as a Fresh Graduate

By Christian Field Study hard. Graduate. Celebrate. Go on holiday… Come back broke… Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, living in the hallowed land of “I know exactly what I want to be”, you’re like I was; not quite sure of what you want to do, or how you’re going to get there. I […]

Lavendon Group Put Their Trust in Symatrix Support

Lavendon is the European and Middle Eastern market leader for powered access rental. The equipment that Lavendon provides enables users to work safely, productively and comfortably at height, whatever the application. They operate from depots in Bahrain, Belgium, France, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the United Arab Emirates where they manage a […]

Symatrix Training

Symatrix is an award winning Oracle Platinum Partner that that enables world-class organisations to leverage a competitive advantage from their biggest assets – their people. We believe that training services can be offered from the inception of a project – throughout the discovery – implementation and testing phases and at Go-Live and beyond. At Symatrix […]

Symatrix Appoints Chris Brooks to Managing Director as Paul Gillott Steps into the Role of Chairman

Symatrix today announces changes to the Symatrix Board of Directors. The Founder of Symatrix, Paul Gillott, steps into the role of Chairman and Chris Brooks is promoted to the position of Managing Director. As Chairman, Paul will concentrate on identifying new strategic opportunities while Chris ensures that Symatrix continues to be the leading specialist for […]

Does your outsourced payroll service provide you with the perceived benefits that your company anticipated it would? 

Payroll services come in many shapes and sizes and the difference between a functional and operational payroll is the way that it is implemented that determines the range of services your payroll team is able to offer to the business. Whether payroll is outsourced or run in-house the set-up will influence whether you can deliver […]

Legislative Changes and Patch Updates for Oracle E-Business Suite

Click below to download a whitepaper outlining the upcoming legislative changes as well as patch updates for Oracle E-Business Suite Payroll. The Oracle HCM Cloud Payroll version will follow shortly. Symatrix Support Services White Paper March 18

General Data Protection Regulation: Data Breach Reporting

In the new GDPR you will be required to be able to report on a data breach. In this blog we will look at what is a data breach and what to do if you have one. A Data Breach: No matter how good the governance, controls and discipline are around data protection, data breaches […]

GDPR: What Does Consent Mean?

In the world of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) our “consent” will be a major focus and understanding what is meant by consent will be important for all of us as individuals and for the organisations that we work for and connected with. So what Does Consent Mean? The Oxford English Dictionary defines consent as: […]

GDPR: What Rights Do Individuals Have?

So this is the one that matters to all of us. Under the new legislation, businesses must provide a lawful basis before they can process personal data, and this in turn affects an individual’s rights. This is not painful but it is important for companies to consider how these rights will impact their HR data […]

GDPR: What to Consider When Communicating Privacy Information

The need for consent underpins the GDPR. Individuals must opt-in whenever data is collected and there must be clear privacy notices. These notices must be concise and transparent and consent must be able to be withdrawn at any time. The first principle of data protection is that personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully […]