Why Oracle HCM Cloud?

Modern HR is all about creating and executing a talent-based, user-focused strategy that leverages technology to deliver a collaborative, insightful, engaging and mobile HR, employee and executive experience.

Oracle HCM Cloud provides easy-to-use tools – accessible on any device - that drive this strategy, enabling human resources to optimise agility and recruit, develop, motivate and retain great talent.

Recruit and Retain Great Talent

Oracle HCM Cloud delivers an end-to-end talent acquisition solution that aligns your strategy with hiring trends and your social and multi-generational hiring needs.

It’s also a fully-integrated performance, learning, goal and rewards management solution that allows you to develop personalised training and to recognise and reward talent over time with differentiated rewards, which are aligned to results.

And it supports sophisticated talent review and succession planning – correlating key techniques and metrics to identify future leaders, build richer talent pipelines and mitigate talent risks.

Enable Collaboration

Oracle HCM Cloud’s built-in social tools power collaboration across your workforce.

Using a familiar, social network-like interface, it enables your employees to build rich social profiles and easily network with peers. It also supports formal and informal learning with employees able to share knowledge instantly and get real-time feedback.

By fuelling collaboration through Oracle’s easy-to-use, socially-embedded HCM processes, you build an agile workforce that is more engaged, productive and innovative.

Provide Insight

Oracle HCM Cloud delivers real-time transactional intelligence through big data and hundreds of built-in KPIs.

It provides predictive analytics to guide decision-making and built-in intelligence to accelerate action. It enables you to forecast performance and risks and empowers your people to take actions based on real-time data.

And its critical search capabilities provide access to business intelligence and insights so that employees can find answers to complex questions quickly and easily.

Ensure Accessibility

Oracle HCM Cloud’s personalised, easy-to-use mobile tools are available to all your people whenever and wherever they choose to work.

It’s fast and engaging with a single user experience and a highly intuitive interface that requires zero training.

With on-the-go access and the ability to complete tasks online, jobs get done faster, increasing your overall productivity.

How do I roadmap my move to the Oracle HCM Cloud?

First and foremost, build a sound business case. This not only justifies your investment but also underpins your roadmap to implementation and beyond.

By engaging with Symatrix at the outset you can draw on our expertise to help you create a compelling business case and develop a detailed roadmap fully aligned with your HR, Finance and IT strategies.

We’ll work closely with you to identify and confirm your core objectives and then provide hard evidence in terms of financial and productivity returns to support a positive investment outcome.

And while we know that decision-making tends to focus on the numbers, we’ll also incorporate the many soft benefits and opportunity costs that come with Cloud such as improved talent management, workforce collaboration and user engagement.

Above all, we’ll be there to help build your understanding of Cloud benefits and how these can be accelerated with continual evolution. With Symatrix, you’ll get a perfectly tailored roadmap and all the foundation knowledge you need for a smooth and fast Cloud implementation.

What’s the best way to roll out Oracle HCM Cloud?

Not that long ago, safety and accuracy were the hallmarks of a successful IT deployment. Since then, a combination of customer demand, technological innovation and competitor activity has driven businesses to seek much faster and much more agile IT delivery.

With digital now an integral element in almost every business sector, and with Cloud now the deployment option of choice for the majority of organisations, HR and IT departments have had to rethink the way they engage with each other and with the business.

Get the delivery of a key business system wrong and there could be serious implications for your business.

Symatrix has the answer – SIMPLY® HCM Cloud – minimising complexity through standardisation and pre-defined best practice processes, deployed in the Oracle Cloud. Whether you start with the basics of HR and payroll and phase in other modules such as Talent Acquisition, Talent & Performance Management, Reward Management and Learning Management, Symatrix has the experience to guide you through the considerations, risks and benefits of your chosen deployment option.

Our customers don’t want to spend a year implementing a new solution and they don’t want to pay Tier 1 implementation prices. By pre-configuring the Oracle Cloud with 15 years’ worth of our customers’ most common requirements, we have the ability to rapidly implement a Simply® HCM Cloud solution at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional implementation.

The Simply Difference:

  • Pre-defined processes and configuration covering 80% of your requirements - with the remaining 20% covered via configuration or personalisation, not customisation. This keeps your Cloud solution flexible and easily deployed and ensures you stay in line with regular Oracle releases. It also changes the focus to adoption of out-of-the-box best practice processes rather than starting with a blank piece of paper.
  • A rapid, cost effective and agile implementation approach to start your journey to the cloud. With phasing and release options tailored to your HR, IT and business calendars, as well as being aligned to the Oracle release cadence, Symatrix will ensure that all aspects of your rollout plan are robust and tightly controlled to ensure maximum user adoption and minimal business disruption.
  • More control for the HR team and managers – the Simply® HCM Cloud puts system control in the hands of the HR team. Rapid and powerful report writing, dashboards, infolets and embedded & predictive analytics as standard mean that the team and the wider business has instant access to the information they need to make good business decisions.
  • Decreased reliance on your IT teams to host, maintain and upgrade your HR technology – As this is a Cloud solution, your IT department will need to support the initial data migration and ongoing system interfaces but everything else is managed in the Cloud.

How do I maximise value from Oracle HCM Cloud once implemented?

Making the most of your Cloud system is all about embracing constant evolution and improvement, but to fully benefit from this change in dynamic, there are also some key considerations to ponder, such as how releases and new modules will be managed. Utilising our specialist services and expertise means that these exciting enhancements can be fully embraced and provide increased return on investment throughout your Cloud journey.

With Cloud you’re guaranteed regular releases and new functionality ensuring your business takes advantage of best practice and HR innovation. This key benefit allows HR to provide modern, efficient, talent-centric business tools to support your people, processes and ultimately drive your business objectives. However, new releases and functionality demand effective testing, training and optimisation - which is where we come in.

Symatrix Testing and Release Management Service reduces the pressure on your business to undertake in-house testing during monthly patching and at release time and builds knowledge in your people to ensure they are in the best shape to take advantage of new functionality.

And our Functional Support Service optimises system performance and user adoption by providing system expertise and issue resolution, user support and knowledge transfer – for example providing answers to ‘How Do I’ questions. We also liaise directly with Oracle on your behalf to resolve key issues, often ensuring much quicker resolution and response times for our customers. Based on contractual and powerful SLAs, our support service delivers exceptional levels of service and support to our many customers, ensuring that their solution is efficient, stable and constantly driving productivity.

How do I recruit, develop and retain great talent?

People power your business and your ability to recruit, develop, motivate and retain the best talent is critical for your long-term success.

Oracle HCM Cloud provides engaging, social, data-rich talent management tools that allow you to respond rapidly to your evolving talent needs. With our expert guidance you can harness the Cloud to realise the full value of your people.

Cloud makes talent acquisition a truly end-to-end process integrating sourcing, recruiting and onboarding and allowing you to align your talent management strategies with current hiring trends.

Development and retention is optimised through personalised training and fully integrated performance, goals and rewards management as well as sophisticated Talent Review processes. Embedded and informal learning is achieved through workforce collaboration, allowing your people to share knowledge through chats, forums and videos, coach one another, drive productivity and communicate seamlessly on the move. More and more employees today want engaging, social, mobile and people-focussed tools to help them do their jobs and to feel connected to the organisation – Oracle Cloud delivers all this and much more.

And for the business, effective succession planning is assured. Oracle HCM Cloud correlates the key techniques and metrics that determine success, allowing you to map the performance of your talent over time and build rich talent pipelines while mitigating talent risks. Predictive analytics ensure that key risks are flagged to HR and senior management to take action.

How do I optimise value from my Payroll?

While the majority of HR departments are now actively evolving to take advantage of new technologies, many of their payroll operations seem to be stuck in the past.

Outdated payroll operations tend to soak up internal resource, are overly complex and expose the business to unnecessary risk and costs. But all this can be avoided by outsourcing the management of your payroll to Symatrix.

Payroll should just work! Our Simply People® solution is a different way to manage payroll based on best practice processes and linked to a fully-managed service.

And by fully managed, we mean fully. With flexible options for tailored service packs, we become your payroll department, taking calls from your employees and managing the complete end-to-end process.

With SIMPLY People you reduce your risk, minimise inaccuracies and gain enhanced security, all with predictable costs and the benefits of a premium, ISO27001 accredited service delivered by experts.

Your payroll is transformed into an interactive and proactive operation with your internal HR team freed up from administration to focus on delivering your strategy and adding real value.

One of the key differences with Simply People® HR and payroll outsourcing is that we don’t try to put our customers in a box. If part of our service doesn’t work for you then we’ll change it. If you want something additional, then we’ll deliver. Our current Simply People® customers have a range of tailored services based on their individual business needs.

How do I maximise value from my EBS investment?

Many businesses that have invested in Oracle E-Business Suite have identified the advantages of a Cloud-based solution but are not yet ready to make the move.

For these businesses, the priority is to extract maximum value from their existing solution while at the same time paving the way for a move to the Cloud in the future.

At Symatrix, our track record in optimising EBS ROI over 15 years, together with our Cloud expertise, puts us in the perfect position to help you realise these goals.

Our Health Check reveals your current configuration and processes and helps us make recommendations for quick wins. From here, we work to simplify and standardise your system by removing unnecessary customisations and configurations and in doing so, optimise your system for an eventual move to the Cloud.

Along the way, we’ll implement upgrades to ensure you always benefit from the latest functionality and stay fully compliant.

By letting Symatrix provide functional, technical and DBA support for your EBS you’ll be reducing your costs and getting your systems in the best possible shape for migration to the Cloud in the future.