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Symatrix is an award winning, specialist Cloud HCM and ERP Managed Service provider, offering a refreshing alternative to “the usual suspects” in the Oracle and outsourced payroll market.

How are we refreshing?......Well, we listen for one; then shape our services to the needs of the customer. This allows us to help our customers unlock the endless and exciting possibilities of Cloud HCM and ERP. We bring our experience, innovation and honest approach to bear while making NO compromise on quality.


Cloud HCM and ERP Managed Services

Cloud HCM and ERP Managed Services

Are you finding it harder than you imagined to manage or maximise your investment in your enterprise Cloud? Symatrix’ next generation Managed Services takes that headache away; driving solution optimisation whilst lightening the load of release management, testing and support from internal teams.

BPO Managed Payroll Service

BPO Managed Payroll

We’re guessing you never want to hear about payroll, you just want it to work? We agree. That’s why we’re intensely proud of our unique payroll service designed to be truly different. Symatrix’ Managed Payroll Services provide an operationally efficient service, which reduces administration and risk, whilst controlling cost. Not only that, it is ISO27001 data security accredited and run out of the UK.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Is it good enough to deliver a project on time and on budget? We don’t think so. We think customers also need to create operational efficiencies that deliver on their business case; that’s what Symatrix does, whether it’s a green field implementation, a module add on or an improvement project on your existing solution, we work to your desired outcomes.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement Services

Who’s had one of those lightbulb moments where things become clear (as if the Clouds had parted)? That’s what you get when you work with us on process improvement. We make it fun and engaging to review, streamline and improve your processes, giving you control and confidence in your data and ways of working.


Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Corporate message - Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP applications, offer the most complete application suite with the best technology, enabling fast innovation with a modern UX and customer-first approach.

We say – All encompassing, amazingly capable solution that caters for medium and large national and international organisations.

Oracle E-Business

Oracle E-Business

Corporate message - Building on a 30-year history of innovation, Oracle E-Business Suite continues to deliver new application functionality and expand the capabilities of existing features while helping you gain all the benefits of Oracle Cloud.

We say – Stable, mature Global HR and ERP solution that we can provide managed support and payroll services on and can host on a private Cloud for our customers.



Corporate message - XCD are the only fully unified HR and Payroll solution on the Salesforce cloud platform. XCD software removes the risk of integrations and instead provides an easily configured, online self-service software for forward-thinking organisations.

We say – Great solution that is approved for use with the Symatrix unique managed payroll service, suitable for organisations with less than 1500 employees.

Oracle and Salesforce HCM Cloud and ERP Managed Services BPO Payroll

Speaking of clouds...

We were founded in 2000 with the specific focus of providing services and expertise to organisations looking to implement and leverage Oracle HCM. We have come a long way since then. Today we provide Consulting as well as end to end managed services for HCM and ERP on premise or in the Cloud - from Applications Support and Testing as a Service through to Managed Payroll and Process Improvement services, plus a whole lot more! In fact, because we truly listen, our services have all developed from customer demand.

We are not big lovers of acronyms so if you spot one that isn’t explained, please drop us a line.

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A truly next generation Managed Service from Symatrix.

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