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Understanding the Heart of your Organisation

The HR, payroll and finance department is the beating heart of an
organisation. Think of it as the lifeblood that runs through the core of
a business. While all departments need to come together to ensure
success, the failure of an HR, payroll and finance department to function
efficiently can lead to daily problems due to outdated software, inaccurate
employee pay and incorrect resource planning.

While these issues can be potentially severe enough even just in isolation,
the combination of these hurdles can result in the business being in an
unhealthy or even critical condition. The current environment is adding
further considerations, with the war for talent heating up as the power shifts
from companies to employees in a shallower and more competitive talent
pool, meaning organisations face a tougher fight to secure and retain the
services of the most talented employees.

To do so effectively, they need to ensure that their HR, ERP and payroll
systems are healthy, fighting fit and ready to take on new challenges.

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