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For nearly 100 years, Hallmark Cards, has helped people to show they care and to build their relationships. Hallmark helps them to express their thoughts and feelings and to celebrate major events in people’s lives from simple birthdays to major occasions. They are best known for being the global leader in greeting cards and gift presentation and have more recently entered the e-card and personalised card markets as well.

The Challenge

Hallmark were moving away from a legacy HR solution and wanted to deploy an integrated HR and Payroll solution that not only met their needs, but could optimise and improve their HR processes.

The Solution

Hallmark selected Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) as their integrated HR and Payroll system and chose Symatrix as their implementation partner based on Symatrix’ in-depth knowledge of Oracle and their extensive experience of implementing HR systems.

This project was undertaken utilising the SIMPLY approach whereby a pre-packed version of Oracle HCM was used to fast-track the deployment of a solution for Hallmark. Based on Oracle’s and Symatrix’ experience of HR processes and best practice, this ready-made solution met a high proportion of Hallmark’s requirements and the Symatrix team then tailored the system to meet the specific requirements that Hallmark had requested.

Hallmark use the Symatrix help desk service to provide end user support and escalation of service requests with Oracle.


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